QuickCall provides a flexible call and response platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any education or business.

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Trail Version


Site License


Function applications include:-      
Behaviour support requests  
Medical support call out  
Report student absent from class  
Site lockdown  
IT support assistance request  
Maintenance assisitance request  
Science technician assisitance request  
Ability to add custom contact groups  
Microsoft Active Directory Management      
Microsoft Active Directory synchronisation via LDAP  
Automatically adds new users when they are added to Microsoft Active Directory  
Loads user photographs from Microsoft Active Directory  
Saves user photographs into Microsoft Active Directory  
Automatically update group/button membership from Microsoft Active Directory  
User / workstation Management      
Bulk import user details  
Bulk import user photographs  
Button / request functions      
Client automatically registers with server  
easily manage workstation locations centrally  
Bulk import user details  
Create your own buttons  
Custom popup messages  
Set the colour of the popup window to allow for easy identification  
Use your own images for buttons (250+ button images included)  
Play a sound when a request is recieved  
Use your own sound files with requests (50+ sounds included)  
Sender can add a comment to the request.  
Sender comment can be made compulsary  
Sender can be asked to confirm before sending request  
Assign buttons (sender) to individual users, groups of users, workstations or a mixture  
Recievers can be selected when a request is sent  
Recievers can be individual users, groups of users, workstations or a mixture  
Select how the request is raised, single or double mouse click, either the left or right mouse button. This can be used to prevent acidentally triggering a request.  
Show the senders name and photograph when a request is recieved  
Show the senders location when request is recieved  
Confirm when a request has been sent  
Option to leave a request open until all recipients have acknowledged it.  
Option to send an alert, i.e. no response needed  
Option to assign a button to all users and/or computers  
Option to have request recieved by all users and/or computers  
Configure requests that override the recipients do not disturd settings  
View request statistics from the management console  
Export request statistics  
Easily deploy client via Group Policy  
No endpoint configuration required  
User and existing SQL database or the installer can install and configure SQL Express 2017  
30 Day fully functional trial  
Seemless transition to site license, license will automatically download and apply  
12 Months support  
12 Months software updates and access to new versions as they are released.  


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